On the Matter of Tristanué Yale

Epic Fantasy Series

On the Matter of Tristanué Yale

12 Straight & Wise
District of the Ten
North Quarter
Island of Our Lady
Republic of Arbonhale

His Right Honourable Lord Aston:

On the fifteenth day of the last month, I was, on the account of my good reputation and the quick pen of the Right Honourable Lord Hoel, Master of the Ministry of His Majesty’s Separate Matters, pressed into service on the matter of the young Tristanué, a lady of our esteemed allies, the House of Yale. 

On the details of Lady Tristanué’s arrival in Anzioch, and her many interventions on behalf of our brave countrymen so nobly entrenched there, I have submitted a full report to the aforementioned Right Honourable Lord Hoel and his many deputies. I am told redacted records of those events are available within the House of Lords, while unredacted sources, bound to privacy by the living terms of the Paledragon Amendment, remain in the custody of the Ministry of His Majesty’s Separate Matters. 

Given the stirring but sensitive nature of the Sabler victory in Anzioch, not the least of which saw the lawful coronation of Silayujon as the Queen of Sanzakarth and the enfolding of the Western Fortunes into our noble Commonwealth, I have been asked and authorized to provide you, sir, with an ongoing summary—a sort of traveling journal—of Lady Tristanué’s actions and movements subsequent to the Battle of Anzioch, including her ongoing work for the Ministry of His Majesty’s Separate Matters. Pertaining to her secret orders, I regret, I may only be able to report on the wrapping of such surprises, but not the content thereof.

Unfortunately, my specialty lies in the baser crafts of warfare; nonetheless, I shall invoke the best angels of my mood and my manners, to present an accurate accounting of Ms. Yale’s actions. I pray you to forgive the common hand of an untitled agent of His Majesty. 

In this matter I remain–

Your faithful servant,


An excerpt from the upcoming Savage Errands Collection featuring Tristanué Yale.

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Elsuon Legend — The Nails of Isbon

Nails of Isbon (sometimes the Black Nails of Isbon or the Cold Nails) are knives hammered from cursed spikes allegedly made from the Platina of Isbon, a demonic iron known to mystics as Asmodantine. The name ‘Isbon’ has never been identified. Some scholars believe it is derived either from Isban, an evil metal-worker in folklore, or the Iron Tree of Istlebond, a cursed metal tree where witches were hanged by vengeful townsfolk.

The primary effect of any Nail of Isbon is simply that anyone killed by it cannot be raised or resurrected. The secondary effect is anyone wounded by a Nail of Isbon cannot thereafter sire living heirs. A heinous curse, both men and women have endured stillborn children after having been injured by the cursed dagger. For this reason the Nails of Isbon are considered profane and possession of one is a felony in most countries in the Eastern Fortunes. The ulterior motive for the Black Nail is to ensure criminals executed by it cannot return as the standing dead (undead).

Nail of Isbon

Elsuon Legend -Vanusupal

Vanusupal is a legendary three-headed griffin encountered by various figures in prehistory, including Suzulon, Loke, the several Vyndicants and song-prophets: Liamat (1st), Nichorocazmir (19th), Tzyar Paal (23rd), and Andruin of Saarke (48th).

Due to its great age and power, Vanusupal is the first mystichora (“uncovenanted Yorm”) recorded in The Havok & The Gleam. Only the Sandmerrick, the Ashmerrick, and the great red dragon Stoke of the Unfinished Land are regarded its equal. Because of its hoary look, it is alternately known as the Fair Merrick, or Fairmerrick.

Vanusupal comes from the Old Vyn words Vanu (“council”) and supal (“falcon”) or Council of Falcons. Unlike other merricks recorded by the Vyn Vanir, Vanusupal is not Vyn in origin. An incredibly proud creature, it will destroy anyone or anything that challenges it.

The Sang Vanir call the creature the Sulogryph or Sulogryphon (lit. “three griffins”) and fear it as a primal demigod. The creature originally lived in the great world tree Islanjaral until the Vyn Vanir destroyed it with giant hail from the Imperial Rain in an attempt to weaken the Sang Vanir. Unaware they had offended Vanusupal, the entire Dedicancy was virtually annihilated when Vanusupal took revenge on the Northern Fortunes for their desecration of its home. Vanusupal’s war against the Dedicancy resulted in almost a thousand years of military losses in the North. Vanusupal still, to this day, holds a near ten-thousand year old grudge against the Sang Vanir for Zian Galaray’s murder of Loke which the creature cited as a “friend.”

The creature has also been seen in various locations including the Riddlewood of Sanzakarth (Western Fortunes), near Sacred Garde (Nave of the Easterns, Eastern Fortunes), and the Oasis of Thion (Menia).

Vanusupal prefers total seclusion.