Baloroy’s Sketch of the House of Yale

Baloroy Yale Family Chart - Flat - 8 in

In Savage Errands – Volume 1, Baloroy is a “sure-man” (assassin) dispatched by the Ministry of His Majesty’s Separate Matters (the public name for the clandestine Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare & Strange Auspices) to protect the young Tristanue Yale during her adventures in Kimjudea.

Above is Baloroy’s sketch of the House of Yale as he understands it.

The Paledragon Oath

Epic Fantasy Series

The House of Paledragon is one of three great houses in the mountainous country of Vambrasia in the Northern Fortunes.

The name Paledragon is derived from the ancient Valedragon (lit. ‘vale of dragons’).

On the Matter of Tristanué Yale

Epic Fantasy Series

On the Matter of Tristanué Yale

12 Straight & Wise
District of the Ten
North Quarter
Island of Our Lady
Republic of Arbonhale

His Right Honourable Lord Aston:

On the fifteenth day of the last month, I was, on the account of my good reputation and the quick pen of the Right Honourable Lord Hoel, Master of the Ministry of His Majesty’s Separate Matters, pressed into service on the matter of the young Tristanué, a lady of our esteemed allies, the House of Yale. 

On the details of Lady Tristanué’s arrival in Anzioch, and her many interventions on behalf of our brave countrymen so nobly entrenched there, I have submitted a full report to the aforementioned Right Honourable Lord Hoel and his many deputies. I am told redacted records of those events are available within the House of Lords, while unredacted sources, bound to privacy by the living terms of the Paledragon Amendment, remain in the custody of the Ministry of His Majesty’s Separate Matters. 

Given the stirring but sensitive nature of the Sabler victory in Anzioch, not the least of which saw the lawful coronation of Silayujon as the Queen of Sanzakarth and the enfolding of the Western Fortunes into our noble Commonwealth, I have been asked and authorized to provide you, sir, with an ongoing summary—a sort of traveling journal—of Lady Tristanué’s actions and movements subsequent to the Battle of Anzioch, including her ongoing work for the Ministry of His Majesty’s Separate Matters. Pertaining to her secret orders, I regret, I may only be able to report on the wrapping of such surprises, but not the content thereof.

Unfortunately, my specialty lies in the baser crafts of warfare; nonetheless, I shall invoke the best angels of my mood and my manners, to present an accurate accounting of Ms. Yale’s actions. I pray you to forgive the common hand of an untitled agent of His Majesty. 

In this matter I remain–

Your faithful servant,


An excerpt from the upcoming Savage Errands Collection featuring Tristanué Yale.

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